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Hi, I’m Amanda…. A bit about me is I am mother to Otis, Amika and Ziggy, wife to Chris. Currently we are living on a small rural property in Nsw Australia and are on a wonderfully exciting and heart centred journey of experimental learning, through un schooling. I love to garden, spend time in nature, be with my family, paint, create, yoga and live exploring the world around me and deepening my connections with all living things.

We came to un schooling 4 years ago when my eldest was ready to enrol in primary school, so many things leading up to this moment catapulted us into choosing a wildly, alternative route to educate our kids out of the traditional system. Following our hearts in a leap of deep trust we dove in hearts open, fingers crossed and here we are 3 kids in and going through life learning, experimenting every moment of everyday. One thing we didn’t expect in choosing this path was how we as parents would be going on a journey to un school ourselves also. Making us question and evaluate how, why and when we do what we do. Making radical choices to do go onto things like homebirth and buy a small acreage space and start to create a life of family based, home centred living and learning.

So here I start this blog not to tell you how and what to do in the world of home education but more to share an honest, heartfelt account on our journey. The tough, rough, magical, core shaking, rule bending ride, through the heart and lens of one mother daring to follow her intuition on raising her wild tribe on her terms. In my diary style post I hope to share  vulnerably, openly and honestly on my/ our experiences as we navigate this wild little thing called life.

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Just a mama following her intuition, exploring the world with a curious mind, open heart and big dreams of a return to a simpler way of being amongst a community of likeminded spirits.

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