Because we are Human..

It can be the smallest of something that someone says or a miniature moment that can make you realise how far you have come or how far you have to go. How you have grown as a woman, a human and individual, yet you haven’t even scratched the surface. At times I wake up feeling like I can conquer anything, everything and other days I wake up in a flurry of confusion and amidst a overwhelming feeling of completely lostness.

I realise with each passing day how much more I want to do, achieve and experience yet sometimes that day passes and I feel like I have lost such precious time. I think these feelings are completely normal (whatever normal is) and even the fact I am aware and analysing them, feeling them surge through me affirms I’m living, consciously and intentionally. I wake up and really try and make it a point that within my day I will try and make someone else day a little better, lighter, easier. Because if we all had the intention to make someone else lives a little better everyones needs would be taken care of don’t you think? The smallest of gestures feel so big amongst the backdrop of hopelessness.

We are all human, all connected and all sharing an experience. Maybe once we collectively realise our choices affect each other and we are all one living, feeling entity. A bunch of cells all feeding off each others energy. Maybe then is when we can realise our true power as human beings, tap into the life-force that we are and create the change that needs to happen.Propelling us forward with love and peace. The potential of humankind is amazing and limitless if we all unite.


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