Thinking about school

My Son is 4 turning 5 next year and he will be due to start school the following year (2018). My husband and I have been on a really big journey around this topic and have really put a lot of thought into what kind of education we want for our children.

It’s not just the educating of our children’s minds that we are concerned about but the nurturing of their spirit and the encouragement of awareness of one’s journey. The nourishment of one’s soul is equally as important as one’s mind in our home. As we have spent the last year researching everything from public, private, independent schools one thing keeps popping up and that is home schooling lead by way of natural learning. I want to start by saying I am not at all against schools nor against peoples affirmative choice to pursue that path, I am just open to following a path that suits us and sits right for our family and children. This way of learning speaks to me on  so many levels and after much discussion we are thinking we may give it a go. If my son ever makes the choice to go to school we will facilitate that also openly and enthusiastically as this is what we want to encourage, him to make assertive choices and us guide him through. We may try it and feel it’s not best for him or them but I feel it’s important to honour these feelings when they arise, as life gives us the direction we need and it’s up to us to choose to take it.


Now as it stands my Son goes to a day care 2 days a week where the focus is learning through play. I love his daycare and  feel the children are cared for in a really nurturing enviroment. At home we always encourage play outside, arts and crafts, cooking and reading. We allow screen time but are more and more careful about what content he is accessing. At this point we are thinking we might trial homeschooling next year as a trial run so to speak and document his journey and see if it is the right fit for our family. I currently work 3 days a week and my husband works part time and is studying full time so we are busy to say the least but we are committed to giving it a go.

There are a few key things that appeal to me about educating the kids from home and they are, first and foremost learning through life and fostering a love to learn and explore not being force fed “education” and information but really falling in love with discovering life. I love the idea of engaging with people within our community, that the kids will have peers of all different ages learning from them and teaching each other. There seems to be a really big and open homeschooling community out there and it’s growing rapidly. Being involved in our local network and engaging with people, learning and growing from and with one another. Teaching them spiritual values not so much from a religious aspect but more through an understanding and building a relationship with ones self. Getting to understand who we are amongst this space upon this journey. Allowing them the space to grow and learn at their own pace, without pressure and acknowledging the interests that simulate them and then pursuing them freely. No standardised testing I just don’t agree with it for so many reasons but thats a whole other blog post of it’s own. Allowing freedom in our families lives to travel and not be boxed into when we can do things or bogged down in the rush of pick ups and drop offs and all the stuff that comes with the school life. Creating space for us to connect as a family, spending quality time together, sharing our values and passing on the information we feel important to share with the kids. To really connect with them and for them to feel loved and connected everyday. Finally allowing the children to play and have fun, to feel free in the world and learn not by  only listening to experience but by having the experience.

And so we are embarking on this journey, not sure how it will take shape at this stage but I will most certainly keep you updated. All I know is I can only follow my gut and this choice seems so instinctual for me as a mother, it resonates very strongly and I feel I need to listen and at the very least try it and see what eventuates. What is the worst that could happen? Would love to hear from any other homeschoolers out there about your experiences and connect. It’s where the journey begins right!

I have added some links to some interesting homeschooling blogs and sites I have come across for further interest. There is so much out there but these are some that have inspired me, spoke to me and encouraged me. The mothers in these blogs are amazing and I love hearing about strong soul sisters out there beating to their own drum and following their hearts… creativity and love is the key it’s that simple right!



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