Dreaming of Travel

Pre children my life mainly revolved around a few things chilling with my now husband, lunching, dining and dancing with him and many friends, being creative (the many things I birth under this umbrella too many to list) and of course TRAVEL. Dreaming of holidays, planning of trips and relaxing on them. We have travelled abroad a few times with my son when there was just him in tow, done the planes, trains and buses, we have had some great times. We even eloped and got married in the Cook Islands with him which was simply divine. But when my baby girl was born my husband and I made the conscious choice to try and keep things more low key and travel on shorter trips ( within the east coast of oz) for a few reasons I guess. First was the energy and time, after no2 I felt overwhelmed at the thought of driving across Sydney with a baby and toddler in tow let alone on a flight. I just didn’t feel I had it in me and believe it or not I was too exhausted to holiday. I just wanted to keep it all as simple as I could and I was happy being at home with my family. Second was the money, after taking a year off work which mind you I wouldn’t change at all, financially it just seemed so lavish to be taking overseas holidays on our budget, we needed to re group and get back on track. Finally I guess it was the value, we thought if we saved up and when the babes were a bit older maybe they could understand more and we could incorporate more learning and elements of their interests upon our travels. We could really share the experience with them.

My little girl is now 18 months old and I am feeling more now that the family dynamic is shifting, things at last (dare I say) are getting a little easier. I in my personal journey am getting itchy feet and more and more I am finding my husband and I are talking about travelling with the kids as a real possibility. Like the timing maybe presenting itself. Maybe not in the immediate future but hopefully in the not to distant. I would love to take them to Europe where we have so many family and friends to meet and enrich them with the love of the special people that although we don’t get to see often are felt so fondly and regularly in our hearts. To see where my husband and I met and lived for the first 3 years of our relationship. To experience my heritage and just the wonderful continent of Europe as a whole.

Travel for me isn’t just about taking a holiday or vacation, it’s really a deep passion. I think about it daily, probably several times a day. Find myself fantasising about how I can earn a flexible income to make it possible to travel more frequently. I feel most happy within myself when I am getting lost in different cultures, immersed in new surroundings, living nomadically and when my senses are tantalised with foreign tastes, smells and sounds. Everything about it even the madness of trying to get places with delays, forgein language barriers and customs roadblocking you I find all apart of the fun and excitement. Before we had children a big thing we would talk about was when we did eventually have a family,  we really wanted to shower them with love, encouragement and experiences rather than toys, material possessions and gifts. Travel has always been apart of this goal apart of the bigger picture. It’s also a big part of what brought us together and a big part of the people we are.


So now I find myself goggling more and more often “families traveling around Australia”. Trolling blogs and vicariously living through the pictures, words and experiences of others to inspire me to pick my family up to do a lap around Australia. I want to really take the time to enjoy life and indulge in my kids and family because I know there will come a time when this part of motherhood is over, the tiredness, morning snuggles in bed, the nappy changes, the bandaids on elbows and I will reminisce so fondly upon it and probably wonder how I got through some of it. I want to soak it up even the most difficult of moments to truely know I lived it and felt it whole heartedly and with completeness. I love the idea of living simply for a while, encouraging the children to get outdoors and be immersed in nature and really connect as a family. To take time out of life to pursue some creative channels of music, writing and photography that we have wanted to for some time but our life right now doesn’t allow so much for. To follow the sun and the seasons, slow down and wake up not knowing where we may be in a day, a month a year. Following only the beat of one’s heart and being guided by intuition.

This is my dream kombi camper! Follow The Idel Theory Bus on on Instagram for thought provoking words and images.

So for now we embark on planning our trip, the logistics, how to fund it, how to make it happen, when to go, where to go.. I will keep you updated on the dream and in the meantime to anyone out there doing this please feel inspired to hit me up with some inspiration, connect and any tips and tricks would be grand. For now it may just be just be in the early conception of dreams but all great adventures start somewhere..

Peace my nomadic hearted friends and dreamers alike

photo cred: Turama Photography/ theideltheorybus.com






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