The Sea Change

So I have mentioned previously it’s been a big year, one that has been challenging, we are on the verge of a sea change. By verge I mean so close yet so far, let me explain. We have purchased a block of land that is due to be registered shortly although we have been waiting a year already. We will hopefully start building in the new year. Our lives feel like they have been on hold and the anticipation and pressure of building immense.

Dreams of a life near the beach!! Australia you are beautiful!

For a long time Sydney has felt over priced, too busy, exhausting and like a rat race. Even before the kids came along my partner and I were dreaming of our perfect place, somewhere near the bush and the sea. Wondering if this would even exist, would we ever find our base? Then once having the kids the idea of space, beach, fresh air all looked even more attractive. Taking that big leap though has been scary, leaving family and friends, stability and all the things we have grown up with in search for a more chilled existence, amongst nature and removing ourselves from the bombardment of media and materialistic propaganda that comes along with the city life. It’s hard as conscious as you try to be not to get caught up in it. We really took time to reflect on what is important to us as a family and when it came down to it space, the flexibility to travel and not having massive financial burdens preventing us from pursuing our passions were the things that were top of the priority list.

We still wanted to be able to come to the city and go to museum and concerts and  tap into the rich cultural hub that is on offer but at the end of the day we don’t want to be caught up in the hustle, bustle and expectation that comes with it. We hope that moving also relieves or softens the financial burdens that at present are a big block to some creative projects we have on the horizon.

So as we are heading into the nitty gritty of the year and building is seeming in reach I feel excited at the possibility of our own home in a location I feel is so perfect for us,  I may have dreamed it up. One of the exciting prospects of building our place has been that I have a room/creative space of my very own, to work on my projects and dream up, chill out and create all the things that come to my mind. It’s a dream come true. Onwards and upwards…



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