My life began when I became a mother

People often feel that their life is over when they become a parent. For me it was the complete opposite. I feel more passionate, connected and life had a definitive purpose. This was something I was put here to do, like all of us we have a earthly function, most of us several and birthing these human beings was definitely one of mine.  I hadn’t always thought I would become a mum and at times wondered if I would be able to, I had thought if I hadn’t been able to have children for whatever reason I would still live an abundant and full life filled with travel, art and volunteering. Family and friends would still play a major part and it wasn’t something that I thought would stop my happiness. As life would have it motherhood was on the cards for me and when I least expected it. My first was an unplanned pregnancy, I was scared and unsure but this little human was coming, ready or not. Something greater and bigger than I had ever imagined entered my world in the tiniest of packages, that something that I felt had been missing but wasn’t sure what it was, arrived in the form of my son. I often say he ‘healed my heart’. From the word go he had me besotted and equally as petrified for loving something or someone this much was by far the most intense experience of my life to date. I would later birth my beautiful daughter whom I credit for bringing me the gift of ‘learning to trust thus finding my strength’. Each child has really given me something unique.

he had me at hello… mother and son.

Motherhood has challenged me on so many levels and in so many ways and damn it is hard work and it can push you to your depths. But then it’s not, it’s magical and the greatest blessing that has been bestowed on me. I have truly learnt that the conditions that have you feeling hardship and most challenged in life usually leave you a deeper, truer and more humble version of yourself. My children make me strive to be a better person not just for my family and myself but for the intention of my world family. Motherhood has been the greatest mirror, seeing my reflection clearer than ever before. At times you can be consumed by it, defeated by it or on the greatest high by it but that’s the journey that it takes you on. It’s confronting, soul reshaping and life altering.

The journey of becoming a mother taught me patience, sacrifice, unconditional love and digging deep. It has built me to be a stronger woman and strengthened my character. I really like the woman I have become since becoming a mother and thats not to say I haven’t made many mistakes and continue to but I feel like I really know myself, I love what I am creating in my life and I have surrounded myself with people whom inspire me to be a great person. I can own those mistakes, learn from them and grow from them. Looking back on becoming a mother I unknowingly entered on a journey to a deeper part of myself. It has made me question and perceive life in such a different light. I feel more connected to the earth, more responsible for my impact here and that I have been put here to give these children the tools to be game changers and lead the way for a better future. I have been put here to be a game changer myself and have been put here with complete intention. Motherhood has made me want to be more connected to my community, to my creativity and to my self and this is such a gift. I am owning my space more than ever before and I am not an apologetic young girl scared to stand her ground I am now a woman who knows her depths, has no limits and is driven with love, it’s truely empowering. It’s such a unique experience for all who undertake it, for me though life has taken on a new meaning and feels like the real me has just begun living to her true potential. Motherhood has been a game changer and life begun when I entered into it.

my baby girl’s hand in mine.




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