Book Review : The Parents Tao Te Ching Author: William Martin/ Published: Da Capo Press

So we all know that raising children does not come with a manual and we will establish our own way and rhythm with time and perseverance.  At times we all look for guidance and enlightenment to help us find our way through the struggles and the achievements too that we encounter on the road of parenthood. When I came across this book though, I felt like I had stumbled across something really powerful and that impacted me greatly on just the first read. That would strengthen on many re reads after. That feeling when you are struggling to find the words or interpretation of feelings and profanities that arise and it is verbalised in a text is how The Parents Tao Te Ching is for me. I found a parenting bible of sorts!

“if you always compare your children’s abilities to those of great athletes, entertainers, and celebrities, they will lose their own power. If you urge them to acquire and achieve, they will learn to cheat and steal to meet your expectations.

Encourage your children’s deepest joys, not their superficial desires. Praise their patience not their ambition. Do not value distractions and diversions the masquerade as success. They will learn to hear their own voice instead of the noise of the crowd.” #3 Happiness is Contagious

I love that this book is set out in 81 short, distinct and beautifully captivating chapters that you can pick up, open at any page and read any time and anywhere. I find myself at night opening up and finishing my thoughts for the day with a message that seems to align perspective again. In a world where we are bombarded with parenting information it is refreshing to have these thought provoking, meaningful philosphies exacted down in a language that relates and inspires the modern day parent. This book has really bought such a beautiful ancient wisdom that has been lost in our modern culture in to a new accessible modern text, that is as relevant now as ever.

” Your children do not need more. Each day adds more facts, more gadgets, more activities, more desires, and more confusion to their lives. 

Your task is to subtract. Each day seek to remove, to clarify, to simplify. Society’s wisdom adds, and confusion grows. The wisdom of the Tao subtracts, and serenity flourishes. 

If each day one minute less was spent doing something. And one minute more was spent being present, in simple pleasures, with your children. In two months you would transform your life, and theirs. One minute less.” – #48 Less is more

This book has become one I refer to often. I find myself writing out the things that resonate with me and stick them around my home to re read them often. I couldn’t recommend this book highly enough it is such a rich and gentle read. Guidance for the parents of children old or young, you never stop learning and growing. We all try to be mindful but at times need direction and this is just a gentle reminder of what really matters. It would be a lovely gift for a new parent or one whom may need some light in a troubled time. Do you self a favour and purchase, read and re read this book you won’t regret it.



2 Replies to “Book Review : The Parents Tao Te Ching Author: William Martin/ Published: Da Capo Press”

  1. Inspiring review. I now know what to buy my friend who has just had her third bub; and maybe I will just buy a copy for myself while I’m at it!! I am feeling inspired to randomly read from it like you mentioned. What a lovely way to end the day. There is nothing more important than raising our children well.


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