I Have Arrived

There is something about coming to a place in your life when you feel you have “arrived”. Please let me explain, as a child and a teen I had always felt that I was an older person trapped in my young body. I had a wisdom that few people my age shared, a depth and thought process that was beyond my years and a feeling like in many ways I had done all this before. I have always connected and had friends far beyond my years, feeling like a lot of the time I could relate to them more than I could people my own age. I even remember as a really small child I would love sitting at the “adults table” talking with all my aunties and relatives and joining in, listening to their conversations it would totally feel natural too me and captivate me.

Throughout my mid/late 20’s I became a mother, and felt my energy shifting. I was feeling stronger in myself, empowered and more secure in who I was. I was letting go of a lot of the things that had built up in me, that were no longer serving me positively and making space to just sit into myself and just be. I didn’t feel the need to keep comparing myself to others, measuring my worth on where I was sitting on the big life race. Travel had really played a big part in just helping find myself amongst the setting of the world and opening my eyes to all I could be out there!!


Now I am here in my early thirties and I must say I feel like I have finally arrived. Arrived at the perfect age, the perfect place, the perfect time. Arrived at the best version of myself to date. I feel like I know myself in-depth in a way in which I have not ever connected within since childhood. I dream big again, I believe it is all possible, I create my world exactly how I want it. Just being, allowing myself space to unfold and be free. To create uninhibitedly, to put myself out there, to connect as a mother, a partner, a human. I love where I am at in myself and have let go a lot of the mind numbing rubbish that is being fed to us through media, politics and mainstream society about how we should be, look,live, create and relate. I have everything I need in the earth, my breath, my family, my capabilities and myself. I have surrounded myself with people who get it and are journeying too and even the ones who don’t get it love me for the way I am. I think my 30’s have been a big change of the game and if I am blessed enough to live a long life I think that it will all just get better, it’s like the truth lies within the experiences you create.

I have arrived to realise I was born in perfection and somewhere along the way I/we lose pieces of ourselves until slowly we can’t recognise who we are anymore. I have journeyed back to my essence and learnt to trust that spirit with in that is guiding me to strength and  empowering me to take the risks to live on my own terms no matter how harsh the judgement. For I was born a creative being of unconditional love and will be returned brighter, creatively fine-tuned and a beam of euphoric light.14787046_10154580291593554_1027909951_o




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