Making the light rail

He is the king of craft and loves painting. From as soon as he has been able to create with glue, scissors, paper, paint and whatever he can find around the house he has. We don’t watch a lot of tv in our home, mostly on the weekends we allow the kids to watch movies and abc channel (so we can all have a bit of a break!) but as soon as he saw the Mister Maker show he was obsessed.

And so it begin the world of craft and art has opened up for us and the kid is on fire. We save old food packaging and boxes, toilet rolls and newspaper and store them up for when inspiration strikes. Sometimes we get our inspiration from blogs, books or instagram but a lot of the time Otis will say I want to make a …. and off we go to try and make it out of what we have at home. It is a nice way to engage with the kids and really just let them do their thing and explore their creativity.

We have noticed how much enjoyment he gets in playing with his handmade toys and gets a real buzz in a way in which the store bought toys don’t measure. He let’s his imagination run wild and off he goes into space, the human body where ever he desires. It gives him a confidence in his ability to create, to make a plan and follow it through. He has a real passion for science and Space is a really big interest for him and has been for some time. Also the human body, transport and food are subjects he is commonly drawn to. So a lot of our projects have been covering these topics.

So last weekend Otis woke and decided it would be a great idea to make a light rail (tram) he decided to paint an old  milk bottle into one. We have made many transport and spaceships but I was really impressed with his technique in this and although it was simple to execute it was something achievable on his own. Craft and project based learning doesn’t always have to be complicated it can be so simple and they love it.

What better way to spend the weekend then creating with loved ones. Hope this little video inspires you…


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