Our Life’s Teachers

As I tap into myself more and really look around me I have come to realise that I have surrounded myself with my teachers. Some have been placed in my life and others I have sought after, few I have stumbled across. At different points I have attracted different teachers to help me learn the lessons I have needed to for that time and space in my life. Teachers aren’t always positive people or role model material, sometimes quite the opposite but they are present to help us understand the lessons on our journey.

We are all but human trying to decipher this unique experience and through connecting and interconnecting we learn and attempt to figure it all out. It’s overwhelming, epic and abundant on so many levels. I feel blessed for the teachers I have had in the past all the good and not so because when I look around at the people I have, my teachers who I intentionally have in my life I feel like I am learning and growing as a woman and human being in depths like I never have before. It’s from those previous teachers who I have allowed to shadow negativity on me that I have learnt the lessons that have empowered me not to go back to that but forward, not go low but high and away from the dark and towards the light. To let the light workers in my life, for me to watch, admire and model on. Some of those beautiful souls have been there from the beginning and I really understand how lucky I have been to be born into a loving family, have my siblings and family who have guided me continuously and lovingly. Accepting me flawed and yet lovingly human.

I have realised some of my greatest teachers have been much younger than me, much older than me, sometimes we have barely spoken a common language, they have been people that I have met so briefly but their impact imprinted deeply, I have come to realise that sometimes people are placed directly in your path with intention and reason. Sometimes you wonder why, or brush them off as you having nothing to learn from them but in hindsight they bared great gifts of knowledge, wisdom and insight.

I look at my two young children now how my baby mimics her brother, watching him intensely, admiring him and his skill, adoring him. My son has learnt patience, compassion and tolerance from his little sister and they continue to teach each other on a psychical, spiritual and emotional level. They are one of each other greatest teachers and as I watch them grow and learn from each other, I too am learning, reflecting and finding a great understanding in this connected experience. That we are all great teachers  of some kind to people we know we have impacted and others we don’t even realise. We are also students learning and growing from the people we place in our lives intentionally and for those who have been placed in way we must stop and take note of the lessons they bring to us, in order for us to grow and create the change in our lives.

My children are teaching me daily and through the lessons they have taught me I am a much better person, I can only hope I can return the knowledge and that i can be a woman, mother and teacher that they to can learn from and want to emulate. For the meantime I indulge in watching them learn and grow, change and mould into the beautiful light beings they are! What joy there is when we learn and teach along side each other.

Love and light all xx


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