Honouring one’s Self..

The last few weeks have been a total blur and as we enter the rounding off this year, along with list of to do’s, events, work, reflections of the year that has just swept by us so quickly has come a tiredness. A flat out exhaustion in fact I feel like energetically this is the hardest part of the year as we aren’t quite at the end but your mind and body are telling you you need a break and they are done.

I haven’t had the time or energy to write or do much that allows me the space to get into myself, check in and process it all. On top of the normal madness of life we have been getting ready to move house. Boy that is never easy or fun especially with two little peeps in tow but somehow we make it all happen and get it all done. The last couple of weeks as the pressure and tasks at hand seem to be mounting up and I can feel an anxiousness taking hold I have taken a step back and reminded myself to acknowledge the feelings that are coming up, acknowledge that there is a lot going on and to take some time out to honour myself and to be kind to myself. Treat myself, be loving to myself.  I have also been trying a technique when I am feeling overwhelmed with so many things on a growing to do list to set myself to complete the tasks that need attending to in the here and now and whatever can’t be done will be ok, ask myself will the world stop turning if this doesn’t get done? Tell myself it will be ok and it will get done in time, do what you can. That is all you can do. I have found this to help me feel calmer and more relaxed and also realise that a lot of the time what is stressing us is a manifestation in our own mind, once we let it go it will no longer hold us back. I have found a relief and lightness in this revelation.

I think instead of pushing feeling down and not acknowledging them,” I am tired, I am scared, I am sad” it makes them rear there little heads in more harming ways. I am learning to honour myself, feel the feelings that are telling me something for a reason! Its ok to feel whatever really because we are human and because everything passes good and bad. I have been in the biggest shift in the last 12 months and i believe a lot of things are presenting themselves some challenges and some not so but either way I am acknowledging them and thanking them for there blessings of truth and wisdom. I am growing and open to what ever comes from these offerings.


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