The Volcano



Project based learning has been a method  we have naturally taken too in our home education. I guess we have been doing this long before we even thought about home schooling and it’s something that we feel is not just about learning academically but connecting and communication. It can test the patience, skills and management of all involved but ultimately it is a great learning lesson in so many ways for all of us. It’s also a super fun way to learn!!

Lil O had expressed interest in making a volcano after watching a song about volcanos on youtube. After some googling and over a few days Dad and O began constructing their own volcano. My husband has tended to take on these “projects” with my son and it has become a little thing of theirs. It’s a beautiful bonding experience, wonderful to watch and hear about how they are doing. Science experiments, models, art projects to name a few have just popped up and developed from his natural curiosity of life.  All the waiting of paint to dry tested O’s patience but we got there in the end…Hope you enjoy this little video of the artist’s creating their Volcano…

What you will need to make your own Volcano….










1. On a cardboard base attach bottle with some tape.

2. Scrunch up some newspaper into different sized balls

3. Place and tape around bottle in the shape of volcano

4. For islands, flatten and tape newspaper balls to cardboard base.

5. Mix some glue and water.(sludgy consistency)

6. Tear up newspaper into strips and place in glue, stick to volcano and islands and dry.

7. Paint brown ( mix green and red ) ….wait till dry

8. Squeeze red paint for lava around top of volcano Mix some orange ( red and yellow ) for more lava…… wait till dry

9. Paint islands green. ….wait till dry…. Paint blue for water and white for waves crashing.

10. After all paint is dry, Varnish to waterproof.

( you can use red dye baking soda trick  or ping pong smoke bomb to create smoking effect just google the techniques!)



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