Booked and time to plan (Fiji)

BULA VINAKA!!! Yes this will be us come February…


So it has been 4 years since we last went to the beautiful islands of Fiji and yes we have booked to return again. This time though with two little munchkins in tow. We have not had a decent holiday for quite some time and I feel as a family we desperately need to recoup, revive and regroup. So we have been working busily through Christmas and New Year without a break but come Feb we will take a few weeks time out.

Why Fiji? It’s super family friendly, we have friends and family we want to visit and it is so super chilled and full of natural beauty ! So really the question is why not! We are doing a mix of staying with family and also at a resort. So we will hire a car and just cruise for about a week and then plonk ourselves on some deck chairs by the pool and relax! I am mostly looking forward to being immersed in the natural beauty Fiji has to offer and the wonderful water! Fijians have the most beautiful energy and such a relaxed vibe, it is truely contagious!

We have decided to not take any phones and are debating whether or not to take the iPad for the kids. We really want to disconnect for a bit and just be. I also want the kids to have a screen detox. We are not really big on the iPads and TV generally but I have found over the Christmas and New year period that we have been watching loads of movies.. It’s been fun and we have been connecting and chilling out as a family but I still feel like I just want the kids to be free of everything and just be. Actually I feel like I want the same for myself (and my husband to). So I can read, write, meditate and soak up all of what is going on around me. Just be in the moment. We live in a world that is so “connected” that we forget to disconnect, that we even can disconnect. I feel disengaging and going within is a really important practice that is becoming harder and rarer to do.

I have also been thinking about some natural learning/ home ed I want to incorporate with kids. Some ideas of activities I want to do that will be fun for them:


1. A travel journal, pictures, words places documenting his trip

2. Taking his own holiday pics on a camera and putting a collage or album together          when we get home

3. A to do list: things he would like to do in Fiji (after we do a bit of research) and tick them off as we do them

4. A little movie of all the fun things that we learn, see and do, then edit it all together when we get home.

How this will all pan out I am not sure but I thought these were some fun, easy, age appropriate things for O to do and A to tag along with.

This year feels like it has lots on the horizon and I am looking forward to Fiji, to help us rejuvenate before we are full steam ahead. I feel really blessed to be able to take this vacation but only wish we could go sooner. Fiji holds a special place in my heart, it’s somewhere I would love to explore more and discover!

The kids and I will start doing some research on things we would like to do while there and I will share with you some of our top tips. If you have any suggestions please so share I would love to hear! Also if you are a Home Ed family, would love to hear how you fit learning experiences while on holiday, do you plan or just go with the flow of interest and what pops up. Love hearing any feed back..






One Reply to “Booked and time to plan (Fiji)”

  1. Re Home Ed, I believe in doing what feels good to you. There are no right or wrong ways…just ways that you enjoy and that work for your children, and ways that don’t. But me personally…I’m not a planner. I let things unfold and I take note of the learning opportunities that are presenting themselves. Enjoy Fiji xo


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