Being yourself

We spend so much of our lives wanting, desiring to be something else, to have something we don’t, to need more than what we have in the here and now. Our society is telling us and teaching us to look outward for fulfilment but really we must go inward. To journey into one’s soul is where we will find the peace and truth we are looking for.

I look at myself and I realise for so much of my life in some way or another I have been desiring more and looking externally. Wishing I was in a different body, I was a different ethnicity, in a different country and so on and so fourth. A case of the grass is always greener and thinking when I have/ get/ achieve those things I will be happy. But what happens when you arrive there you don’t feel that fulfilment you thought you would, you still desire for more, what I have realised is this is exactly why I have felt so unsettled so unsatisfied. I have been looking in the wrong place the whole time. I have actually had that truth and passion with me since birth. It has always been there I had just forgotten  how to find it.

All the earthly desires and possesions that keep us distracted from who we are and what we are here to do are an illusion. When we are born we are born in utter perfection, each and everyone of us. Every part of us is perfection but especially our spirit. As we grow and come to understand this space we start to become conditioned, even if in our hearts we believe in something, want to pursue something we comprise and come to know ourselves as the world wants us to be not as we were born to be. We comprise on the illusion that is sold by a system that is false that we need more, we would be happier with more and that true happiness can be bought. I can assure you you need nothing more than what you have today, you need less to allow the flow and create the peace in your life and true happiness and peace can not be bought with money or material possessions.

You are perfect exactly as you are and you were born into the world so intentional from absolute pure love. Even if under chaotic earthly circumstance you are here through love, but only you can choose to live that way through love. The moment one’s heart starts beating is the moment our spirit enters our body and the journey begins, thats what I believe anyway and so too once our heart beats one final time our spirit will exit our bodies and the death of this earthly life takes place. So always lead with the heart. If you too feel overwhelmed by so much that this experience has to offer, as I often do. I ask you to take some moments in your day, week, life to sit. Sit in a quiet, safe place, place your hand on your heart and wait. When you are ready ask your heart “what is it that you want me to know? what am I here to do?” Wait, be open and patient and the response may surprise you.

Blessings to all of you x Always be yourself

Don’t think, feel” Bruce lee



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