Play doh Sundays

As we woke this Sunday morning I myself was quite tired but happy to have had a bit of relief from the heat overnight. The weeks have been hot down here in Australia as to be expected at this time of year, but upon waking to a overcast and cooler morning I truly felt grateful.

We pottered around the house with usual Sunday morning activities, breakfast, play it was a gentle to start to the day. We started talking about what we wanted to do for the day and as the drizzle of rain continued outside we decided something crafty might be fun. We wanted to use what we had at home so to the cupboards we searched and then we googled. After googling a little we thought making some homemade play doh might be fun. Although we had most the ingredients but not quiet all. So Dad and lil O made a list and under took the mission of the 10 minute drive up to the shop for some salt and food colouring.

We sat, all for of us and started to measure and follow the recipe we had found online. It was lovely to watch both kids so engaged and having a ball using their hands to knead the doh.As  we made red play doh first, it is O’s favourite colour it opened up a discussion about primary colours and secondary colours. Also questioning if we mixed this colour with this colour what would be the result? There is something so grounding about making something with your hands, feeling it, plying it, creating it and enjoying it. It’s a special gift to give your children to make your own things, not always store bought. Their is such a sense of achievement and joy.

Time flew by and we had such a beautiful family morning doing something that was inexpensive, kids loved it, we connected and engaged, we learnt something and the thing I was most pleased about was that both kids seemed to connect and enjoy equally. It was one of those moments that kinda happened organically and felt like such a beautiful space to be present in. It’s really something special to connect as a family, to get into a rhythm in which you are all in sync. I find with small children this can be challenging at times as their are so many variables and ultimately they are just dealing with so much (as are we generally.)

Here is the recipe we used


2 cups plain flour

1 cup salt

1 cup cold water

1 tbs oil  (we used vegetable oil worked great)

2 drops food colouring or as needed ( we used a bit more )

  • optional glitter  we added this in at the end for some fun it did get everywhere but had a cool affect


  • Combine plain flour and salt
  • Add water, food colouring and oil. Mix well till combined
  • Knead till you can roll in a ball
  • If consistency is too wet add more flour
  • Add glitter if desired


I highly recommend doing this with your kids and I would love to hear or see how you go so please comment if you try and like it. Take some time time to play and connect, enjoy and watch the little souls shine. You may even relax and have some fun too.




One Reply to “Play doh Sundays”

  1. A friend of mine adds essential oils to her home-made play doh. I thought that was a great idea too (like the glitter idea which I had never thought of when I used to make our own)


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