New Paradigms

Yesterday I uploaded an igtv story and in the last 24hrs I have had such a beautiful response. I have felt conflicted about showing up in the social medias spaces for along time because if I’m honest I find my already fragile nervous system feels like it can’t keep up. Although yesterday I realised a few things. I have my opinions about whats going on in the world, I guess as we all do at this time! But I don’t post to much about it on my page because I set this space up as a way to share something different, a place of hopefully inspiration. In sharing our journey perhaps opening up peoples minds to another way, an alternative to what the mainstream has told us is the right way and the only way…. A peek into the possibility if we follow our truth that things can be different and thrive in new and wonderful ways.

The garden is blooming and I am feeling the wisdom of nature guiding me at this time…

I am a big believer in what you put out you will attract and raising the vibe in an already fearful state feels more productive to me then being right or perpetuating fear. If people want information on whats happening out there, there is a plethora of places to seek it out for both camps. Showing up in my truth gives people permission to do they same. It’s fucking hard work guys, this being human you feel me!?? I realise I have been running from these spaces as a freeze state response and I know I am more than capable to share honestly and be authentic despite what others think of me, or their opinions. If I am operating from a space of being authentic.

I have seen the genuine response to my post and realised that when we are showing ourselves honestly, it resonates and it opens ups space for people to share, be heard, be seen and be real. I had so many wonderful open dialogues with people who shared their stories with me and were just wanting space to be heard, that post allowed them that. Telling me their experience and I heard them openly even if it differed from my own.

We are being called to step up in new ways, transform and through the unknowm…

Taking the leap into homeschooling has become far more then a journey of education for my children. It has showed me the depths of who I am as individual. It has made me face my fundamental beliefs, always mirroring within the relationships with my loved ones my truths, my lights and darks. It has liberated me, challenged me and thrust me to live in a deeper and fuller way. I actually think that before I started homeschooling and then un schooling, I don’t think I had beliefs and opinions that were truly my own. I was always trying to “do the right thing”, “behaved correctly”, “not be to opinionated”, ” not be too controversial”. My beliefs were of those that were acceptable to my family, my education, my religion, my society…. I dare not stray… AND THEN I WAS LIBERATED THROUGH THE JOURNEY OF TRUSTING MY CHILDREN’S INNATE WISDOM, WHICH GAVE ME PERMISSION TO CONNECT AND TRUST MY OWN INNATE WISDOM!!! BOOM……

I believe we are in a time that is calling us to think in different ways, open our minds to new ideas and open our hearts with compassion and grace. Humans are curious by nature, I witness it every day within the smaller souls that circle me. Our potential is infinite, our capacity greater than we can fathom. What does it take to birth in a new paradigm? It takes great trust and faith, it takes us to come back home and connect deeply with nature because there are so many answers hidden within the veins of the leaves, roots of the trees and rhythm of the ocean. It’s been here far longer than us, it has supported us and we must reconnect back to it, my word she has been calling us home for such a long time. We must trust in the wisdom that resides deep inside our cells, the inner questioning that arises and if you take time to stop, pause and listen you maybe surprised to find the answers in those spaces of quiet. It takes courage to follow up, to dig deep and trust and follow up on the intuition that is guiding you. Perhaps it doesn’t turn out the way you thought but I bet with hindsight you will realise it was exactly what you needed. Or perhaps it does turn out exactly how you dreamed… imagine!

Bask in the beauty of the natural world around you… listen as she whispers wisdom through your veins

I keep thinking as we are birthing in a new paradigm, the alikeness of birthing a child. The sensations of the contractions when I laboured with my babies and the depths of myself I faced to meet them. The intensity sitting right alongside the peacefulness. The building of sensation, the peak and then as the wave subsided, I would catch my breath again and return to this earthy state. Until the transition of the complete ascension into the altered blissful being. I didn’t just birth a baby in a moment, it was a process. It took courage, strength and trusting in my body and preparing my mind. I feel like at this time I am birthing again, allowing those sensations through me, working not to attach to them but feeling all the sensations and then returning back to the breath, gathering myself before the next wave. In those moments I wasn’t thinking to far ahead but I was simply present with what was. I don’t think I have ever been more present in fact. Here we are birthing in the new and with that is a shedding of the old. A letting go, a process. Here we are birthing in a new way of being and with that come waves of sensations, deep trust and faith. We are all here together in this time with intent and reason. We are here to experience the full width and depth of this human experience. So take this time to ask what is the future you want to call fourth, break down the systems within yourself that have shackled you and never be afraid to dream the greatest of dreams….

I send each of you love and if your here reading this I hope this has landed with the love and compassion it was intended.

Beautiful Marigold- symbolism “Flowers of death and grief”

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