Us, Them, Me

I am a mother, wife, creative being, sensitive soul with the need for my hands to be busy and mind to be open and explored. I love to push the boundaries and I don’t want to just settle for ordinary in life but exceptional is more what I aim for. I believe this is all just one evolving experiment that we have one crack at and I want to explore as much of this amazing journey of life as I can. This I want to teach my children the freedom they possess to be what ever it is they dream and to never be afraid of dreaming big…

Being a mother has changed and moulded me in a way in which I never saw coming. I feel as I venture through motherhood I navigate parts of myself that challenge me and force me to make choices on what kind of life I want to lead and what kind of example I set for these young spirits which I am blessed to nurture and who look to me for guidance. It has made me really assess the power of choice and the importance of the small choices we make daily that impact the bigger picture of ones life and world. Children are the best mirror and keep you on your toes, striving towards being the best version of yourself you can be. Family is the base of everything for me and I am on this journey with a beautiful soul and my life partner who supports me on the endeavours i wish to pursue and enriches my life.

I have so many passions and feel a real need to express my self creatively. Writing, cooking, travel, health, textiles, handmade crafts, education, social change and people are among some of the things in which make me feel connected, human and are a way for me to process this earthly experience. I am currently writing a memoir on the period in my life when I lost my father to cancer. This is very much a work in progress and with 2 small children can really be challenging but I am chipping away at it and it will birth in full in divine time. I have come to realise how important expressing myself through art is as a way to combat anxiety and stress. I always have projects on the go and my hands in many pockets so to speak. It is something i have learnt is just apart of my makeup and I can try and be a one trade kinda girl but I love, love, love trying new things. Motherhood has been by far the biggest learning curve in creativity, patience and love.

So this space is where I share my thoughts and experiences of my journey through motherhood, my desires and hopes, the many deep reflections I have on this earthly experience and hope to connect with like minded individuals. I have no intentions or restrictions for my children only to be the best version of themselves they can be. So here I share my journey on teaching them to chase the sun. To live wildly, heart full of love, to value the power of choice with solid intention and remain true to ones spirit… a lifelong learning adventure.

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