It’s the small choices that matter…

I have observed so much within myself at this time and learnt to be more kinder to myself then ever before. The slow and easy pace has given me space to actually observe within myself how my nervous system has been responding and show myself some kindness and compassion and in turn have the capacity to show that even deeper for my family.

New Paradigms

Taking the leap into homeschooling has become far more then a journey of education for my children. It has showed me the depths of who I am as individual. It has made me face my fundamental beliefs, always mirroring within the relationships with my loved ones my truths, my lights and darks. It has liberated me, challenged me and thrust me to live in a deeper and fuller way.

From the Simplest Ideas Big things grow…

As I write this I am watching the kids use old cardboard boxes and packing material to create car tracks for Ziggy’s matchbox cars. I am reminded once again how we are learning in every moment of life’s experience.

Lockdown 2.0

This time in lockdown 2.0 has offered me so much insight and made me see how my mother’s intuition to go on this journey has been the right one for our family. I have witnessed how even amongst the chaos of what is happening externally the children have felt safe to express their concerns and fears yet have a resilience and grounding in the home setting. I realise we have co created this beautiful little cocoon for all of us to feel safe. We have adapted quite well and the guys always seem to have things to do, even when they are seemingly doing nothing at all. They are always supported to explore the things that arise for them whether that be emotionally, intellectually, academically and it’s normal to flow through the ups and downs of tackling new situations. Actually I would go as far as to say this time at home has elevated their creativity, stretched their imagination and made them more resourceful…. and in the spaces of not much happening inspiration has blossomed.