What does an education mean to you?

As I write this I am sitting in my comfy bed, with my salt lamp gleaming by my bedside, essential oils burning and I have that feeling like, deep breath in and sigh out, “AGH HOME”. I have always been a gypsy by heart, but as time goes on as much as I love to travel I love to return to my nest.

Our time in Fiji was amazing and gave me a some time and space to just be and to allow things to just present them selves. I love that when you change your space, your senses are heightened and you begin to look around at the world through more perseptive eyes than the grind of the day to day allows.

As we spent 2 weeks in Fiji, it really gave me time to reconnect with the culture there and I must say throughout all my travels I have found the Fijian people some of the most genuine and heart warming people I have ever come across. They have a genuine happiness that comes from acknowledging and truly just being amongst many of life’s simple pleasures. Many locals tell you ” we live simply, but we are happy”, honestly you can see it.

As I observed life in the villages, I felt like such a foreigner but one whom was and is completely fascinated by the village life. Living truly connected with the land, growing their own food, catching their own fish, making their own medicines. Women supported in their roles as mothers by other women. I then look at my own life and wonder if I would be able to fend for myself under such a climate? How un supported we are as mothers in the modern world, how disconnected we live from the earth and our neighbours. Observing life in the village also really made me think about the wealth of knowledge that is past down through community and family, how we learn through the guidance of those around us. What education looks like for these kids in Fiji as opposed to modern day Australia. A lot of these kids attend local schools, some for longer than others if they are not called upon to work or help the family. Although village life seems to provide a whole other level of education that we are completely missing in Oz. Locals know about history, their culture, how to hunt and grow things, medicinal concoctions, they understand the weather patterns, things I think are so important to reconnect ourselves and our children with. They have a respect for the earth in which they co exist with.A more harmonious way of living.

Don’t get me wrong the country has it’s issues political,health care, economical and beyond, but when you think about it what countries don’t ? Rich or not? I am not ignoring any of this I just found the simplicity and contentment in life on the island something in which I find my self working towards in my own life.

I also had time to watch the children just be, sometimes amongst the haze of duties within life I feel like sitting and watching them is rarer than I would like. I can’t imagine what it would be like if they went to school for 6-7 hours of the day! I watched my son’s confidence in swimming soar, just swimming everyday and loving it. Feeling stronger in himself, not rushed or forced but just tapping into that “I am ready, I can do it” feeling within. I watched them play with old coral, rocks and shells on the beach, my son making skeletons and human bodies from them. Learning and feeling confident in speaking in the local language to everyone. Another thing that was lovely to watch was my son’s confidence around making friends and new people. He seems to be hitting a new level of interaction where he wants to hang out with his friends in the pool and have little adventures not needing us, his parents in direct contact. He knows we are there but he was socially interacting with his peers. It was lovely to see him happy and confident. It’s all I really could ask.

My daughter too speaking so much and expressing her self, She is hitting a challenging spot and it’s battle of wills. She has also been very clingy with me but I try to just be there and cuddle her as much as I can. I looked at both of them and thought, they are learning! Through life, creativity, expression, watching us, questioning, through their community, through love and life they are learning. I don’t think I have to try so hard to set up activities or worry that my son isn’t writing or reading enough, fuss over the nitty gritty because they are learning, they are whole and they are happy. I guess this journey is really about being open to acknowledging who they are, what their interests are and when they have needs meet them as best as I can or find someone better equip. Nourish their spirit and the rest will fall into place. Trust in this journey of life, that our human need to grown and learn is their instinctively, when we need it, it’s how we survive and evolve.

What does education mean to me? Yes I want my kids to be able to read and write, to calculate sums and interact genuinely and truthfully amongst society. But what I think education is and should be is experimenting with things that spark your interests and intrigue you so deeply that you can’t not know more about it. To tap into that genius inside all of us and be allowed to nurture that space, refine it and let it flourish. To live life with a life long love for learning, learning is a passion, it grows with you and takes you where you want to go, into who you really are. As your spirit evolves, the knowledge deepens and grows to allow your spirit to truly shine authentically. Education is learning how to exist in the space harmoniously with the earth and all inhabitants, creating a better future not just for yourself but for many, being the best you can be and being authentic. Just being you and be the best at it.

The year that has been…

This year has been one that I would sum up by being quite challenging on a personal front. It started off in a crazy fashion (save that for another time) and seemed to continue in that direction both internally and externally. Although I have found this year hard, yes I will say it aloud HARD, I feel like I have really broken through some personal boundaries, had some core revelations and come through to know myself a lot deeper, understanding who I am and what it is I am here to do.  I don’t quite have the clarity around the next stages that I would like but I am trusting in the process and have surrendered to this path that I am on.

I have come through to the end of 2016 knowing myself  better and through much reflection and meditation finding clarity and peace towards living an existence that I desire and feels right. Letting go what no longer serves me, giving thanks for the lessons but trusting in life’s process. Onwards to a new path which is calling and walking forward without fear. I am tapping into my connection, my magic, my inner light and allowing it to shine once again from a space of authenticity. Recognising that I have always had that magic, it’s not gone anywhere but I had forgotten it, possibly buried it for sometime and now remembering who I am and returning home.

I have reignited and pursued my passion of writing, which has lead me to start writing this  blog, to connect my thoughts and experiences on this project and open my self to connect through my passion. For such a long time it has been something I wanted to pursue but thought maybe I didn’t have the goods, I realise now that raw talent is just part of it really. We all have something to express, experiences to share, stories from the journey. It has become important for me to pass this on for anyone who is open to receiving it. To share our human story through art. If you want to be a writer than write! (This is what I told myself). If it’s pure people will be drawn to it’s truth and it will resonate. I have a better chance of becoming a finessed writer if I actually put words down than if I never try at all. So here it all is…

I also have started a more dedicated yoga and meditation practice and through these mediums I find myself elevating and strengthening myself mentally and psychically. It’s like I am in training for the greatness about to unfold, the journey I am embarking upon.I feel happy and present in my body, mind and heart when I practice. Like this is exactly what my body needs in order to be the best it can be. I am worth taking time to dedicate to myself, we all are and I have consciously made the space in my life to make this happen.

Doing a lot of work on myself has really affirmed my desire to home educate my children and to travel more. I think on some level we all have a voice within that is telling us what we are, who we are and what we need to be doing. For whatever reasons we choose to acknowledge it or not. For me although home education seems like a mammoth task on so many levels, my intuition is telling me this is exactly what is right for my family. If we do not have the time and space to connect with the ones we love the most, share intimate experiences, teach and learn from each other, to grow and be human side by side what is the point of this all? We are here to journey, if I don’t teach my children that it’s ok to question and make bold choices than I am failing them. The greatest rewards come with the greatest risks. Even if I “fail”, I want to teach them that it’s ok not to get where you thought you were going, but you have to honour that voice inside telling you it’s right. You will be ok, it’s all leading you somewhere.


I am now in the process of doing a vision board of goals for 2017. There is so much I want to achieve and this both excites and overwhelms me, but I think having these visual notes, guides and images helps me to keep on my path. Helps me to go fourth fearlessly, remembering what my intentions are and what I have set out to achieve. I don’t want to live an ordinary life, although day to day simplicity appeals to me by nature, I want to experience everything I dream in my lifetime. Sharing experience is what this journey is about for me. So to all the dreamers out there I leave you with this link of a youtube video. ” The Art of Being Yourself ” Caroline McHugh. I loved this and it deeply resonated with me as I think in order to move forward to your dreams, one must master the art of being true to one’s self. Although it all seems so simple in theory, it can be quiet challenging in practice. I hope you like this and please get in touch if you do. Remember we all have our own magic so go fourth and use it!



I Have Arrived

There is something about coming to a place in your life when you feel you have “arrived”. Please let me explain, as a child and a teen I had always felt that I was an older person trapped in my young body. I had a wisdom that few people my age shared, a depth and thought process that was beyond my years and a feeling like in many ways I had done all this before. I have always connected and had friends far beyond my years, feeling like a lot of the time I could relate to them more than I could people my own age. I even remember as a really small child I would love sitting at the “adults table” talking with all my aunties and relatives and joining in, listening to their conversations it would totally feel natural too me and captivate me.

Throughout my mid/late 20’s I became a mother, and felt my energy shifting. I was feeling stronger in myself, empowered and more secure in who I was. I was letting go of a lot of the things that had built up in me, that were no longer serving me positively and making space to just sit into myself and just be. I didn’t feel the need to keep comparing myself to others, measuring my worth on where I was sitting on the big life race. Travel had really played a big part in just helping find myself amongst the setting of the world and opening my eyes to all I could be out there!!


Now I am here in my early thirties and I must say I feel like I have finally arrived. Arrived at the perfect age, the perfect place, the perfect time. Arrived at the best version of myself to date. I feel like I know myself in-depth in a way in which I have not ever connected within since childhood. I dream big again, I believe it is all possible, I create my world exactly how I want it. Just being, allowing myself space to unfold and be free. To create uninhibitedly, to put myself out there, to connect as a mother, a partner, a human. I love where I am at in myself and have let go a lot of the mind numbing rubbish that is being fed to us through media, politics and mainstream society about how we should be, look,live, create and relate. I have everything I need in the earth, my breath, my family, my capabilities and myself. I have surrounded myself with people who get it and are journeying too and even the ones who don’t get it love me for the way I am. I think my 30’s have been a big change of the game and if I am blessed enough to live a long life I think that it will all just get better, it’s like the truth lies within the experiences you create.

I have arrived to realise I was born in perfection and somewhere along the way I/we lose pieces of ourselves until slowly we can’t recognise who we are anymore. I have journeyed back to my essence and learnt to trust that spirit with in that is guiding me to strength and  empowering me to take the risks to live on my own terms no matter how harsh the judgement. For I was born a creative being of unconditional love and will be returned brighter, creatively fine-tuned and a beam of euphoric light.14787046_10154580291593554_1027909951_o



Dreaming of Travel

Pre children my life mainly revolved around a few things chilling with my now husband, lunching, dining and dancing with him and many friends, being creative (the many things I birth under this umbrella too many to list) and of course TRAVEL. Dreaming of holidays, planning of trips and relaxing on them. We have travelled abroad a few times with my son when there was just him in tow, done the planes, trains and buses, we have had some great times. We even eloped and got married in the Cook Islands with him which was simply divine. But when my baby girl was born my husband and I made the conscious choice to try and keep things more low key and travel on shorter trips ( within the east coast of oz) for a few reasons I guess. First was the energy and time, after no2 I felt overwhelmed at the thought of driving across Sydney with a baby and toddler in tow let alone on a flight. I just didn’t feel I had it in me and believe it or not I was too exhausted to holiday. I just wanted to keep it all as simple as I could and I was happy being at home with my family. Second was the money, after taking a year off work which mind you I wouldn’t change at all, financially it just seemed so lavish to be taking overseas holidays on our budget, we needed to re group and get back on track. Finally I guess it was the value, we thought if we saved up and when the babes were a bit older maybe they could understand more and we could incorporate more learning and elements of their interests upon our travels. We could really share the experience with them.

My little girl is now 18 months old and I am feeling more now that the family dynamic is shifting, things at last (dare I say) are getting a little easier. I in my personal journey am getting itchy feet and more and more I am finding my husband and I are talking about travelling with the kids as a real possibility. Like the timing maybe presenting itself. Maybe not in the immediate future but hopefully in the not to distant. I would love to take them to Europe where we have so many family and friends to meet and enrich them with the love of the special people that although we don’t get to see often are felt so fondly and regularly in our hearts. To see where my husband and I met and lived for the first 3 years of our relationship. To experience my heritage and just the wonderful continent of Europe as a whole.

Travel for me isn’t just about taking a holiday or vacation, it’s really a deep passion. I think about it daily, probably several times a day. Find myself fantasising about how I can earn a flexible income to make it possible to travel more frequently. I feel most happy within myself when I am getting lost in different cultures, immersed in new surroundings, living nomadically and when my senses are tantalised with foreign tastes, smells and sounds. Everything about it even the madness of trying to get places with delays, forgein language barriers and customs roadblocking you I find all apart of the fun and excitement. Before we had children a big thing we would talk about was when we did eventually have a family,  we really wanted to shower them with love, encouragement and experiences rather than toys, material possessions and gifts. Travel has always been apart of this goal apart of the bigger picture. It’s also a big part of what brought us together and a big part of the people we are.


So now I find myself goggling more and more often “families traveling around Australia”. Trolling blogs and vicariously living through the pictures, words and experiences of others to inspire me to pick my family up to do a lap around Australia. I want to really take the time to enjoy life and indulge in my kids and family because I know there will come a time when this part of motherhood is over, the tiredness, morning snuggles in bed, the nappy changes, the bandaids on elbows and I will reminisce so fondly upon it and probably wonder how I got through some of it. I want to soak it up even the most difficult of moments to truely know I lived it and felt it whole heartedly and with completeness. I love the idea of living simply for a while, encouraging the children to get outdoors and be immersed in nature and really connect as a family. To take time out of life to pursue some creative channels of music, writing and photography that we have wanted to for some time but our life right now doesn’t allow so much for. To follow the sun and the seasons, slow down and wake up not knowing where we may be in a day, a month a year. Following only the beat of one’s heart and being guided by intuition.

This is my dream kombi camper! Follow The Idel Theory Bus on on Instagram for thought provoking words and images.

So for now we embark on planning our trip, the logistics, how to fund it, how to make it happen, when to go, where to go.. I will keep you updated on the dream and in the meantime to anyone out there doing this please feel inspired to hit me up with some inspiration, connect and any tips and tricks would be grand. For now it may just be just be in the early conception of dreams but all great adventures start somewhere..

Peace my nomadic hearted friends and dreamers alike

photo cred: Turama Photography/ theideltheorybus.com